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New iPhone Soft Bullet Ejector Nerf Fun Toy Gun

New iPhone Soft Bullet Ejector Nerf Fun Toy Gun

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Be precise. Remote security. Introducing the new fully automatic gel ball launcher!

What is gel ball launcher?

The gel Ball launcher is a superior and safe choice for airsoft, Nerf, Super Soak, and compared to paintball, it has higher magazine capacity, fully automatic fire, and longer service time. In contrast to airsoft, which uses bb, gel ball launchers use water-filled gel bullets, which offer similar performance in range and accuracy compared to bb, but are safer and more child-friendly.

Please note that the shell ejection window on this product has been blocked for legal reasons. Glowing Tracer and Metal Magzines are not included in the package

We are going to sell out 100 pieces at the lowest price of USD $49.98

Bullets included in the package are reuseable, we also provide you the option to purchase extra bullets, for some extra fun!

1. Is this a scam?
A: We can't imagine so many people would ask this question.

Customs document
This is the notification document of customs confiscation of our toy guns in various countries, the probability of being confiscated by customs is usually 2%.

It may be that the customs staff thought the gun was good and took it home to play with one.

2. What if your gun is confiscated by customs?
A: Send us the picture of the seized document, we will refund the full amount of

3. How long does it take for my item to arrive?
A. It takes more than 2 weeks for general merchandise and more than 3 weeks for toy guns.

Toy guns are very special products. Especially toy guns that have the appearance of real guns. We use special logistics channels, that's why it takes longer than normal products.

They will be subject to strict inspection by customs.

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